Happy Science Group Founder and CEO
Ryuho Okawa Lecture Site

Happy Science Group Founder and CEO Ryuho Okawa Lecture Site

  • *Thank you very much for joining us on December 5th,
    Master Okawa's Special Live Broadcast Lecture.

    Happy Science Group Founder & CEO Master Ryuho Okawa
    El Cantare Festival

    [Live Broadcast]

    Date: Wednesday December 5th, 2012
    Time: 7:00pm
    Place: Shibuya Shoja 4th Floor

    *There is no translation other than English.
    *Please note that there is no English Simultaneous Translation seat at the main venue, Tokyo International Forum, because of its seat capacity.

    [Video of December 5th Lecture]

    Date: Sunday December 9th, 2012
    Time: 2:00pm
    Place: Shibuya Shoja 4th Floor

  • A Day of Gratitude to Lord El Cantare
    Experience the powerful words of enlightenment

  • About Master Ryuho Okawa

    Founder of Happy Science, a living Buddha and World Teacher

    Master Okawa, founder of Happy Science, is a living Buddha of the 21st century and a World Teacher of True Happiness. In the tradition of Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucius, and Moses, Master Okawa teaches the Truth and the principles that bring people true happiness and open the path to a new and better era. His teachings incorporate all truths discovered by enlightened humans that have become shining beacons of light throughout human history and creates new guiding principles necessary for contemporary society to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

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Information about Seats at 2012 El Cantare Festival.


Please come and join at Shibuya Shoja. Book your seats now for reservation.



Please write the required information and send Email to: happy-mission@happy-science.org


Please inform us your

1) name

2) nationality

3) your phone number or email address

4) Which date, Dec.5 or Dec.9 ?

For more details, please check the map attached. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Place: Shibuya Shoja, 3-12, Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact us: happy-mission@happy-science.org